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Compatible hosting panels

BotGuard works with partner hosting companies to resolve issues with bots and malicious traffic attacking their clients’ web resources. Many of our partners use commercial or free hosting control panel software, such as cPanel or Plesk, to provide their clients with website management capabilities.

We have developed extension modules (“plug-ins”) that automate bot traffic management services for our partners' hosting systems. All the key features (i.e. registering a website, viewing protection statistics, and managing protection rules) are provided via our partners’ control panels. We offere such plug-ins for WHM / cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, WHMCS, and ISPmanager.

Check out the integration manuals for the hosting panel plug-ins developed by BotGuard:

Custom solutions

Do you use your own "home-built" user management system to service your end-customers?

Many hosting companies prefer to use their own home-made hosting panels. In this case you cannot use the ready-made extension modules.

We have developed the BotGuard Partner API for hosting partners that use their own proprietary hosting panels. This API enables the developers of home-built hosting management systems to integrate a bot traffic management service with ease, making it possible to expand the range of services provided to their clients by adding “Security as a Service”. Our software works with any custom UI or user experience.

Find out more about how the BotGuard Partner API works in our blog.

Don't have a partner account yet? You can send us an email at to get started!