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GateKeeper Changelog

1.2.2 Resolved the issue with Apache HTTP2 upstreams ("Safari can't open the page xxx because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection")

1.2.1 Debian 12.2.0, Nginx 1.25.2, added upstream patch for CVE-2023-44487

1.2.0 Debian 12, Nginx 1.25.1, OpenSSL 3.0.9. Optimized rate limits

1.1.6 Nginx 1.25.0, switch to dns resolver by default ( has limits)

1.1.3 Nginx 1.23.3 (mainline), OCSP stapling fixes, cache optimization

1.1.2 Fix for SSL upstreams with SNI, display number of blocked IP addresses in dashboard

1.1.1 Optimized Nginx performance

1.1.0 External Redis support for clustering purposes, tuning limits

1.0.2 OpenSSL upgraded to 3.0.7 version with security bugfix

1.0.1 Nginx default parameters update. Fixed Nginx logrotate settings

1.0.0 Initial release